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I missed the deadline to give notice to vacate; what can I do?

Sometimes things come up and you aren't able to give notice to vacate by the normal deadline in the lease. Here's what you can do in that case.

Your lease likely requires you to give two (2) full calendar month's notice to vacate. In other words, if your lease ends on December 31st, you would have to give notice no later than October 31st. So what happens if you need to move out, but you missed your deadline? GTL is happy to accommodate that in most circumstances, but it does throw all of our processes into a tailspin, so there will be additional fees involved so that we can pull staff off of their normal work to handle a late notice move-out.

If you need to give notice to vacate after your deadline has passed, fill out this form to make that request. The following fee applies, depending upon how late your notice is:

  • $250 if you submit the request 31-60 days prior to the lease expiring
  • $500 if you submit the request 21-30 days prior to the lease expiring
  • $750 if you submit the request in the final 20 days, PLUS one (1) month's rent in liquidated damages to the landlord

Please note that you have to pay the fee up front, and your notice is not valid if the amount has not been paid when you give the notice. So be sure to login to your Resident Portal and make payment prior to submitting the above form.